A young chain of affordable luxury hotels, with a history of strong growth, had recently received an injection of fresh capital to encourage even faster expansion.

The challenge was to scale up the internal processes and grow the organisation. The IT Director had experience of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with his previous employer and wanted to explore the opportunities here.


Ideally we wanted to compare 3 RPA platforms to test the best fit. However, because there was no opportunity to do so in a test environment, and conducting the tests in the real-time production environment was not practical, we looked for another solution.

As our client had previous experience with UiPath, we decided to test the applicability of the platform in this environment.

Working together with people throughout the organisation, we identified a total of 16 potential use cases, including applications in the contact centre, various financial processes, handling “no shows”, and supporting the IT crew that flew out to test all the IT systems in a newly built hotel.